Cupra – Cable Terminals
and Accessories

CUPRA cable terminals are manufactured with advanced technology to resist from dynamic loads as well as static loads. These cables and accessories have undergone different types of tests to prove its stability in real time conditions.

Copper Terminals

Floor Distribution Systems

Cupra is involved in the manufacture of electrical backbone Cupra had its origins in the United Kingdom before being acquired by a French entity, and is now registered at British Virgin Islands. Cupra operate through manufacturing centres and marketing offices worldwide. At Cupra, all products are manufactured to the highest standards, to ensure that the customer gets the best that the industry has to offer.

Oscur® Boxes

Oscur® Boxes from Cupra- a comprehensive range of GI boxes in various configurations to suit various applications  and standards.

Boxes can be supplied to British or ANSI standards, and in varying depths and configurations to suit customer requirements. In addition to this, custom built solutions can be generated to suit onsite adaptation.

CUPRA Oscur Boxes

Piper – Rigid metal and Metal flexible conduits

Piper® GI Conduits from Cupra is a range of Conduits manufactured from high grade galvanized steel. The products are available in class 4 hot dipped galvanized, black enameled
and class 3 pregalvanised versions. The product range is manufactured to various international standards such as the relevant clauses of BS EN 61386/ BS 4568, and BS 31. Additionally, a range of conduits and fittings complying to American Standards is also available. The Class 4 range from Piper® is Hot Dipped Galvanized Inside and Outside to ensure excellent rust resistance performance in hot and humid environs. Piper® accessories are manufactured from malleable iron and hot dipped galvanized thereafter to ensure rigidity and strength under impact conditions.

Sentri–Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems

Earthing systems are a vital aspect that find application in many industries such as telecommunication, oilandgas, petrochemicals, power, civil and computer sciences. In case the earthing systems are not sound, installers and manufacturers hesitate to provide warranties. Lightning Protection can be carried out to both British(conventional) and French(Active) systems, Cupra is in a unique position where protection can be provided to both standards, and also provide warranties for product. With the addition of Cupronickel Earth Rods, Cupra can even provide upto fifty years product guarantee on earthing systems.

CUPRA Sentry
CUPRA Cable Management System

Stanchion – Cable trays, trunking and ladders

The Stanchion Range of Cable Supports from Cupra is a product spread ranging from Cable Trunkings, Cable Trays, and Cable Ladders, strut supports and related hardware. The range is available in various finishes such as Pregalvanised, Hot Dipped Galvanised, and Deep Galvanised, and is manufactured from Mild Steel, Pregalvanised Sheet Steel and special materials such as Stainless steel(grades ranging from SS 201 to SS 316), Aluminium,and Fibreglass. The Stanchion Range from Cupra is comprehensive and all accessories necessary to complete the system are available as standard supply. It is also possible to customize product to the requirements of the customer.

What is raised Access Flooring?

A raised access floor provides a solution to the problem of housing the many services associated with modern communication technology. It conceals all cabling while allowing easy access for maintenance or changes. The floor voids can also be used as plenums for air distribution. It provides maximum flexibility and therefore the facility to design the floor layout to suit the needs of the modern offices for existing and new tenants.