What’s New

Cupra believe in research and development as a  core philosophy towards growth. The products developed by CUPRA undergo stringent tests and certification before bringing then into commercial production. Some of the innovative products from CUPRA include :

Cupro – Nickel Alloy Earth Rods :

In order to tackle the corrosion of the earth rods in the highly acidic soil conditions of the Middle East and other parts of the world which is resulting in the greater loss of resources annually, Cupra is proud to announce the unique Cupro-Nickel Alloy Earth rods.

Cupra brings the Cupro –Nickel version of earth rods in 90:10 and 70:30 proportion of Copper and Nickel.

For more information on the Cupro-Nickel Alloy Earth rods, Click Here.

Ingressor and Triad range of floor boxes(IP rated floor boxes) :

As the world is currently talking of the IP rated floor boxes (In closed condition), Cupra brings you the Ingressor and Triad versions of floor boxes which provide IP56 protection in closed conditions.

Currently, the only floor box in the world which could provide you with IP56 protection during operation.

Available in 150mmX150mm and 250mmX250mm sizes.

For more information on the Ingressor and Triad Floor Boxes, Click Here.

Double Flange Earth Seal :

Basement earthing is a common practice now-a-days. A strong and durable earth seal is essential for a proper basement earthing and to avoid the seepage of ground water into the building basement.

CUPRA provides the complete solution for the building earthing conforming to the requirements of BS EN 62561-5.

The earth seals are available for solid copper, Copper bonded and Cupro-Nickel version of earth rods.

For more information on the Double Flange Earth Seal, Click Here.

CUPRA Solar Energy Solutions :

Believing that renewable energy and sustainability is the key to the future and pollution-free environment, CUPRA is taking a step further towards the research and development of the renewable energy systems.

CUPRA is now days away in bringing the complete range of solar energy solutions into the market.

We will be updating this column with our unique set of solar energy solutions very soon!!!